How to become a Travel Partner World Provider


For who?

  • A country's receptive services providers
  • A Destination Management Company with offices in every destination that they want to promote
  • Hotels
  • Associations for promoting tourism in a territory

For everyone?

....possibly yes!
If you don't have an API/XML interface, it's possible to insert your services in the TPW database. To be an Incoming Partner it's not only necessary to have tourism experience, but also a modern mentality, planning for the future (or at least the present!). This is because doing online booking on a professional level involves an almost symbiotic collaboration between Provider and Platform.
The obligation of Travel Partners World is that of selecting and enabling sales for their Incoming Partners on the basis of objective guarantees with respect to the quality and competitiveness of the product, the care with which it was inserted, the frequency of updates and the operative and contractual ability of each organization in their destinations.

An Incoming Partner doesn't have to or isn't enabled by force of circumstances to cooperate simultaneously with Individuals, Groups or MICE. “Going LIVE” on the Travel Partners World portals and on those of all interested Partners, above all for the entities without an API/XML interface, it's an important opportunity to seize, but also an obligation that must be undertaken seriously and persistently.

Affiliation costs?

Affiliation is free, if this doesn't imply development and maintenance costs due to the Partner's technology, and is always subject to quality control, by TPW and eventual local GSA.


  • Buy and sell within the same system. Being enabled for online sales and becoming therefore, an Incoming Partner also means being authorized to operate in the Portal as a Buyer, benefiting from commercial advantages that this involves. Reserve your worldwide trips or take advantage of the competitive rates reserved for our Incoming Partners in order to broaden your commercial horizons. And why not?! Become our GSA in a destination not yet serviced.
  • Online booking on your own website. A real technological platform that permits B2B2C online reservations, manages bookings and assists your agency's operations, at exclusive rates for the market, for our Incoming Partners only. As an alternative, it's possible to activate, for free, a showcase website after receiving the first 10 reservations.

How can you become an Incoming Partner Provider?

To become an Incoming Partner and tourist services provider in the Travel Partners World's platform, you need to:

  • Register on the website to become a Provider, accepting the terms and conditions for selling and using the website.
  • Following registration, our appointed office will contact the Candidate to begin the certification process set up by Travel Partners World. Except for hotels, which follow a different procedure, all the candidates are obliged to send us the Setup Form, that they will have received following registration and the net price list for Travel Partners World.
  • If the first verification process by our staff has a positive result and the information sent with the Setup Form is enough to complete the process, the codes will be enabled for access to online Administration for the management of tourist services, customized according to the needs of each applicant, and then for individual or group training sessions will be planned, in order to facilitate the initial access to the system.
  • From this moment on, the Candidate Partner is authorized to load his own services, performing tests on a site dedicated for this, and he can consult the online support center if there are any doubts or problems with data entry.
  • Meetings may be organized at the request of a representative or a Travel Partners World GSA, at the Candidate's office.
  • Once the product is loaded, it will be subjected to the first precise quality control operation by TPW.  Possible anomalies will be pointed out and only when the admitted product meets the standards, it will be put into the search engine and the new Incoming Partner will be promoted on the Travel Partners World websites and those of their authorized Affiliates.

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For who?

Tourist service distributors in at least 40 destinations, that use xml technology.


For everyone?

There aren't any commercial or technological restrictions relative to the number of linkable distributive systems, whether for the agency market or for tour operators too.

Affiliation costs?

Every possible new activation is subject to a detailed analysis by TPW. Possible development and maintenance costs may be charged, if the commercial proposal as a whole or if the available product doesn't justify the internal technical costs.


Marketing your services on the Travel Partners' websites, and also to all our Partners that will decide to directly activate online sales on their website.


How can you become a global service Provider?

To become an XML Partner and provide global tourist services on the Travel Partners World platform you need to:

  • Contact us
  • Forward the NDA, the proposed collaboration contract, an access (not just a demo) to online booking and the technical specifications of the XML interface, so that a global assessment can be done by TPW.
  • Once the interface development is approved, in about a month, apart from previous commitments, the marketed product can be added to the search engines.

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