Travel Partners World Organization

TPW - Global Organization

Travel Partners World is a company born to satisfy the new needs of the tourist market.
In an era in which technology needs to take on more and more work for an organization, in order to compete in the market, Travel Partners World has decided to make technology their second name. The first name, obviously, TRAVEL – PARTNERS – WORLD is self-explanatory and took concrete form in the TPB2B.COM Marketplace-Portal. Within the TPW database, worldwide tourist trade professionals collaborate, selling and buying tourist services through a unique platform, to ensure, and ensure themselves, competitive prices and immediate availability.

Travel Partners World srl, fiscal ID 02129310997, is an italian entity operating under the travel license N. 462119 and covered by warranty travel Insurance N. 192137 issued by Allianz Global Assistance.

GSA - General Sales Agent Partners

From the point of view of offering a service as customized as possible to all the Partners, TPW is busy selecting, in each destination, the tourist organization that has the right outlook, and also the booking structure and suitable business, to represent Travel Partners World. TPW entrusts GSA with complete management of their market sales, guaranteeing undeniable advantages, regarding the quality level of services offered and cost reductions, to the agencies and to the operator Partners that collaborate in these destinations. The job of the GSA also includes the selection of the Partners Providers' products for the platform, in order to always assure more specialized solutions for the global Marketplace of Travel Partners World. If you are interested in becoming a GSA Partner and opening a TPW portal in your country, it's possible to contatact the management for more information.

TP Core - The operative Heart of Travel Partners

Travel Partners World works and lends support and assistance from the Italian office to all the GSA and to the worldwide affiliate operators in the markets in which a GSA isn't yet present. The team is composed of motivated professionals, all from tourist backgrounds, highly trained in TPW technology, and are above all, experts of booking management procedures, operations and emergencies. It manages all requests through a support center that reduces intervention time and appreciably helps manage priorities and organization, even for the Partners; they are also in charge of contacting the Partners worldwide if necessary. It is the operative heart of Travel Partners World.